From Self Knowledge to Self Mastery.

Are you ready to take new steps toward your new habits?

Are you feeling discontent or maybe unhappy? And no matter what you do or how hard you try, the feeling stays with you.

Do you feel the need for a change, but don’t know how or where to start?

Are you stuck repeating the same patterns, and yet are ready to invest time and effort in yourself to create the change you have always wanted?

Or are you only trying to learn more about yourself but finding it difficult to make sense and use of all the information you are learning?

This doesn’t need to continue in this manner always. The time for a shift has come. If you truly want the life you dream of, it is possible for you to achieve it.
You just need to believe that you are worth your time and effort

Hello I'm Anaconda Papaya

I am Italian, living in Damanhur. Since I was 12 years old, I have been engaging in various types of meditation. Since then, I have developed an interest in esoteric traditions, yoga, and psychology. From the age of 18 to 26, I lived as a monk in various ashrams where I studied and practiced yoga.

I then dove into studying the mind and its capacities, using hypnosis and NLP to access the lesser-known facets of our personalities. I continued my education to become a spiritual healer, where I practiced for more than ten years, before beginning to teach alchemical communications, a synthesis of all I have previously learned.

I am thrilled to be able to accompany you in this journey and watch the magic unfold

Online Harmonic Circle Second Edition

The time for a shift has come. If you truly want the life you dream of, it is possible for you to achieve it. This does not mean that life will  suddenly shower you with roses, but as Epictetus once stated, “It’s not what happens to you, but how you react to it.” And that we can do! We can improve and alter the way we perceive and respond to external stimuli.

We can learn to distinguish ourselves from the various voices in our mind—which are what cause us to react—understand their motivations, and come to appreciate and love all those various voices or facets of our personalities. Once we recognize that we are not those different parts that constitute our personality, we have the flexibility to choose to listen to them or not. We have freedom of choice in the interval between the trigger and the reaction, and this is where our power lies.

We live in a society extremely concerned with external validation. We put ourselves last on the list of needs and desires as long as others are happy. We answer to our conditioning even if it is not in our best interest. But we deserve the opportunity to live our life to the fullest, without a sense of self-doubt or defeatism. We deserve the effort to invest in ourselves and the chance to shine! Anxiety, fear, lack of confidence, or low self-esteem should no longer be a barrier for us.

If you would like to get to know yourself better, or maybe improve your relationship with yourself hence with others, or understand your judgments and know how to handle them, then this course is for you!!!!

You see, the quality of our relationships is a direct consequence of the quality of our communication skills, especially our own INTERNAL communication.
This program is a journey and adventure into self knowledge and self exploration, looking at oneself from a different perspective and managing the power that we have within, to transform our projections, creating fulfilling experiences that will allow us to grow individually, and as a community.

The aim of this course is not just changing our perspectives, but learning to choose and decide our perspectives. We are beings of habits, our perspectives or conditioning are as well habits.

This course is based on a practical path with many specific tools helping us transform our habits in a very soft yet powerful way, moving us from being simple actors in our own life, to becoming the creator of it. This is a practical course. A few concepts are given and applied in our daily lives. You will learn simple but effective strategies and techniques to connect with your inner wisdom and power, improve your communication skills, your relationships with yourself and others, and of course the quality of your life.

The information and the tools shared in this course are a blend of ancient spiritual cultures and traditions, quantum physics and quantum psychology, modern humanistic and transpersonal psychology going through the knowledge of hypnosis and neuro linguistic program (NLP).

Program Curriculum

Alchemical Communication Level 1

Main topics:
Presence and awareness practices
Inner personalities
Higher Self communication
Duality and limitations of perception
Why? (technique)
Anatomy and physiology of judgement and separation
Causal reasoning
The objective principle
Life Mission
Inner Smile and United Lips
Conscious breathing

Main topics:
Fundamentals of NLP & Hypnosis
Assertive & Transactional Analysis
Gunas & Communication
Core qualities and Spiral dynamics of personality

Main topics:
Harmonic circle formation and dynamics
Sadhana Sanga
Law of Rhythm
Crystal Vision
SuperIndividual formation
Facilitation and Information management
Strategic Planning
Goal setting
Commitment and Renewal
Creative Conflict management

Join Us For a Live Program Presentation

On Friday the 30th of September join us in the Gardens of Lama Yulu. You will meet Anaconda and assess if this course is for you or not. The first session is FREE for all.

What Participants are Saying…

The HC brings magic back to my life. Learning that I have ‘different personalities’, I was able to slowly be forgiving with myself and others. Mornings were troublesome to me and with the ‘sadhana’, now I look forward to mornings, I need less sleep, and it really feels like a romantic date. I am more distant yet present. Having this challenging and morphing experience shared between all of us made the process fluid, real, and spontaneous and I sense the support of new roots growing between us.
Learning the alchemy of communication with oneself first and foremost has changed my perception and approach to life and interaction with others. A part of me has let go through acceptance and has a broader scope and awareness of what is. A space of inner freedom for myself and for others has been created which has strengthened my drive towards what i really want, toward my objectives. I learned what centered in authentic communication is and i practice being consciously aware and present for myself and for my surrounding. The harmonical circle was a lesson of trust and learning to listen. Being part of this group multiplied and speeded up all processes. Blessings to all, with love and light
Myriam Choueiri
After this course I have to admit, my communication with others and with myself became easier, clearer, and on point. It is not all brain fog, confusion & misunderstanding anymore because this course lead me not only how to communicate with others but also how to receive others, and how to receive myself. I took this course while I was healing from a very stressful experience physically, and the sessions of this course evolved and transformed how I was seeing, and receiving this experience.
Mirna Salha

I'm coming to Lebanon

The next course will start on Friday the 30th of September

I will be here to introduce myself, my course, and to meet all of you. Our free meeting on Friday will give you a chance to know me and learn more about the course so you can decide if it’s right for you.

The rest of the course will take the form of one weekly zoom meeting for 3 months.